Open a Trade Account

A Trade Account account is great if you sell on your own website or feature our products in your catalogue. Remember, as an 'authorised distributor only manufacturer' we do not sell directly on any other web site such as eBay or Amazon. We also offer free design services as well as custom fibre cable manufacturing services which are exclusive to our authorised re-sellers only.

What is a Trade Account Account?

A Trade Account allows you to purchase products via email, or your official purchase order using your contract prices.

How to Start?
Our staff will need to check some details on your account application. It is important to make sure your account application is complete and no information is missing.

What are contract prices?
To obtain contract pricing you need to arrange a meeting with our sales staff. Please call or message Shawn Downey on +447973301751.

How do I activate my Trade Account?
If you already have an account then simply drop us a message on our contact form with your account name. and we will activate your account. We will message you when the account feature has been activated.

What products are included with a Trade Account?
All products are included.

How do I get started?
Create an account here if you have not already done so.

Send us a message using our Contact Form in order that we can evaluate your request and make contact with you.