Open TV LIVE – 2000 New Channels Rolling Out!

UPDATE: Now 137 Channels For Brazil, 113 for UK, 19 for Portugal & 161 for Russia

April 6th 2024, Super Smart TV, a pioneer in delivering cutting-edge entertainment experiences, is proud to announce a significant expansion of its channel line-up across multiple regions. With the latest update, users in Brazil can now enjoy access to up to 137 new channels, while viewers in the UK gain access to 113 additional channels. Furthermore, users in Portugal will find 19 new channels added to their line-up, and Russian viewers will have access to a whopping 161 new channels. This expansion underscores Super Smart TV’s commitment to providing diverse and comprehensive content tailored to the preferences of users around the world. Moreover, this is just the beginning, as Super Smart TV has hundreds more channels slated for addition over the next few weeks. With these exciting updates, Super Smart TV continues to solidify its position as the go-to destination for immersive entertainment experiences. Upgrade to the latest version of ‘Super Smart TV’ today and unlock a world of endless entertainment possibilities.

Please note: Some channels may be development/engineering test channels, others may not broadcast 24/7, maybe incorrectly categorised or locked to a specific region by the broadcaster. Whilst many devices support UHD (4K) file playback, UHD Streaming Channels require greater hardware specifications generally not supported on devices below Android 10.

Today, on March 29th, Super Smart TV marks a significant milestone with the introduction of 100 new channels in Portuguese. These channels are now instantly available to users, accompanied by ongoing updates dynamically presented using Automated Intelligence, ensuring integrity and stability. Version 3.12.2 of Super Smart TV features cutting-edge technology that allows the platform to serve new channels without requiring updates to the app. To access these exciting additions, simply update to the latest version of ‘Super Smart TV’ from the app store.

These channel additions represent a major leap forward in enhancing user experience and exemplify our commitment to providing top-notch features and cutting-edge technology through our industry-leading app launcher. Super Smart TV continues to evolve as the app of the future, not only delivering unparalleled content but also retaining its core functionality of managing and launching other apps on your device. With roots that extend over a decade from a company established in the 1990s, we have been dedicated to providing Android Launcher services free for everyone, and we remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering excellence.

Upgrade to the latest version of ‘Super Smart TV’ today and explore the new frontier of Portuguese-language content, seamlessly integrated into our innovative platform.

19th March 2024

Unveiling Open TV: A Revolutionary Project Redefining Television Streaming now rolling out! In today’s digital age, the landscape of television entertainment is evolving rapidly. With the rise of streaming platforms and on-demand content, traditional TV viewing has undergone a significant transformation. However, amidst this shift, there remains a timeless appeal for live television channels, offering viewers a sense of immediacy and community. Recognizing this, we are proud to introduce Open TV, a ground-breaking project poised to revolutionize the way we watch television.

At its core, Open TV is a visionary initiative aimed at creating a comprehensive database of free-to-watch television channels. Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI), Open TV aggregates a vast array of channels from across the globe, encompassing diverse genres and interests. From news and sports to entertainment and beyond, Open TV strives to offer something for everyone, catering to the diverse preferences of viewers worldwide.

What sets Open TV apart is its innovative approach to channel aggregation. Utilizing advanced AI algorithms, Open TV scours the internet to discover and categorize free-to-watch television channels, ensuring a wide selection of high-quality content for users to explore. By harnessing the capabilities of AI, Open TV streamlines the process of channel discovery, making it easier than ever for viewers to access their favourite content with just a few clicks.

But the vision for Open TV extends far beyond mere channel aggregation. Our ultimate goal is to provide seamless access to these channels through an intuitive and user-friendly interface. To achieve this, we are developing an API endpoint that will deliver the URL for each channel stream, along with essential information such as the channel name, logo, and description. This API will serve as the backbone of our SuperSmart TV Launcher, offering users a streamlined and immersive television viewing experience like never before.

As we embark on this ambitious journey, we are committed to continually expanding the Open TV database to encompass a vast array of channels. In the coming year, we plan to launch upwards of 400 channels, with new additions rolling out throughout 2024. From local broadcasters to international networks, Open TV aims to provide a comprehensive line-up of free-to-watch content, ensuring that users have access to an unparalleled selection of television channels at their fingertips.

In addition to its extensive channel line-up, Open TV is dedicated to fostering a sense of community and connectivity among viewers. Through interactive features and social integration, Open TV seeks to create a shared viewing experience that transcends geographical boundaries. Whether it’s discussing the latest news events or cheering on your favourite sports team, Open TV brings people together through the power of television.

At its core, Open TV represents a bold step forward in the evolution of television entertainment. By harnessing the capabilities of AI and embracing the principles of openness and accessibility, Open TV aims to democratize access to free-to-watch television channels, empowering viewers to explore a world of content without limitations. Join us on this exciting journey as we redefine the future of television streaming with Open TV.